I'd like to change the background color of numbers in a numbered list in LibreOffice Writer. Currently I have the following.

enter image description here

Selecting these lines (and also lines above and below) and choosing Format | Character | Highlighting | No fill has no effect.

The paragraph style of these lines is Default Style. When I edit Default Style in Styles and Formatting (F11), I don't see any sign of a different color: Font Effect tab has Font color as Automatic, Outline & Numbering tab has Numbering Style as None. I want to stress that I don't believe the change of color was done by editing styles in any way, and so I would like a way to change it back to white also without styles if possible.

I also would like to be able to format numbers in other ways: to choose size, apply bold, etc.


By default, numbered lists use the Numbering 1 list style.

list style

Right-clicking on the style and choosing Modify shows that the Character Style for level 1 numbering is Numbering Symbols.

customize numbering style

So, find that style under Character Styles and modify it.

If the formatting was done directly instead, then select the whole list and go to Format -> Clear Direct Formatting.

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