I'm using LibreOffice 5.4.2 in Italian on Windows 7 Professional, and the menu font looks wrong. Often, the last character is clipped, which makes a B look like an E. When the last letter is a thin one - an I, i, or l - it is almost unreadable: some words, like "Grafici", appear as "Grafic", "Strumenti" is "Strument", and all o's almost look like c's.

enter image description here

I've tried looking in the documentation and for this version the option of using system UI fonts instead of LibreOffice's seems to be no longer available, which is a bit uncomfortable together with LO's poor choice of UI font.

I've looked in "Options - LibreOffice - View" but there I can only change icon sizes and style, mouse options, and hardware acceleration (I still tried all options for hardware acceleration just in case, but no joy).

There is a "Font Substitution" table but is disabled and empty. After some experimentation, there are only two nonproportional fonts that could be used in menus - Ebrima and Segoe UI (they have an "I" like that of Courier, unlike most other sans nonp fonts that have I's looking like pipe signs |). Unfortunately, font substitution only applies to font rendering within the document, not in the UI.

There's a Personalization theme where I'm asked which Firefox theme I want - I left it at "do not use themes" (don't know why LibreOffice allows me to change Firefox themes).

In the Application Colors sections I can only change colors, but I checked.

I verified that this is not caused by Font ClearType, and there are no relevant registry keys that might bear on the matter.

Is there a way of changing LibreOffice UI font? Setting it to Windows defaults would be okay.


Not strictly an answer since that version of LibreOffice still did not work for me.

But the new beta in English has no longer this problem, and I can live with that:

enter image description here

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