I used the following command to list launchctl facilities, and at the very end of the print out were some interesting results:

command used:

launchctl print system

end of results:

    properties = {
        shutting down = 0
        slain = 0
        uncorked = 0
        origin resolved = 0
        deactivated = 0
        inactive = 0
        initial on-demand = 1
        audit check done = 1
        bootcache hack = 1
        cocooning = 0
        gui = 0
        gui login = 0
        exec hack = 0

Assuming these are not normal, what do they mean, and what's my next step? I can print the full results if needed.

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These results are normal. A brand new OS X install with absolutely no third-party software installed and has never connected to a network contains the same properties.

Don't read hack as a portent of some malicious attack. The term is frequently (and in this case likely) used to mean fix or band-aid and was undoubtedly condoned or even implemented by Apple.

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