I'm working on a network of Windows-10 computers. I have access to other computers' C:-drives, using the IP address, followed by "C$": in Windows Explorer, I type "\\\C$", and as this C:-drive is shared, I can see the contents.

Today I'm faced with a question about low diskspace. I can easily do the investigation of the used space on that computer, using WindirStat or SequoiaView, but I don't know how to find the capacity of that drive. (When I type "\\" in Windows Explorer, I don't see the C:-drive, so I can't ask its properties)

Does anybody know how to deal with this?

  • You can always go to the server, which handles the share drive, to determine this information. – Ramhound Oct 18 '17 at 17:37
  • From command prompt do a net use z: \\\c$ and then go to Windows File Explorer and on the root where you see the space as all the other drives you'll see the used and free space for this UNC path as the "Z" drive you mapped it as. Once done with it, simply right click and select disconnect. While it is mapped though, try launching a new instance of WindirStat once it exists and see if it'll see it this way. Just be sure to close the app and re-open it if it was opened before the "Z" drive mapped to the path you specify. Have a look at -> net use – Pimp Juice IT Oct 19 '17 at 3:24

When you go to \ip\c$ you can right click and do properties that will show the C drive of the system you connected too. You can also map a drive to C$ and give it a drive letter and right click it and properties. As a note the "$" is a hidden share so you will never see it from \ip

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