My goal here is to fetch stream from live url to opencv python, process this stream and restream it to ffserver. Below is the command i use: *

python store.py | ffmpeg -f rawvideo -pixel_format yuv420p -video_size 544x576 -framerate 25 -i - http://localhost:8090/feed1.ffm

* Below is my ffserver.conf file

<Feed feed1.ffm>

File /tmp/feed1.ffm
FileMaxSize 3G
ACL allow


<Stream test1.mpg>
Format mpeg
VideoBitRate 128
VideoBufferSize 60000
VideoFrameRate 25
VideoSize 544x576
VideoGopSize 12
VideoQMax 45
ACL allow localhost
ACL allow


and when i run the command stated above it gives me the error

[mpeg1video @ 0x1c6e6c0] rc buffer underflow

and to test my feed when i hit the command

ffplay http://localhost:8090/test1.mpg

I can see the output feed being played but there is a green mask applied on the feed.Attaching Image:

green mask applied over the restream

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