How can I avoid typing in credentials every time I use the TF command in terminal?

I read the github page and they have an answer that I do not understand.

A: You can use Kerberos for authentication to a TFS server. More information can be found here. This article mentions the tf profile command because it still existed at that time this article was written but that step can be skipped now all together.

I go to their location for more information, and I cannot find any other steps for commandline besides tf profile -edit -boolean:useDefaultCredentials=true ProfileName. The command tf profile no longer exists.


If you set the TF_AUTO_SAVE_CREDENTIALS environment variable to any value, such as “0.” The login credentials will be cached. To set variables you need to set it in the terminal setup files, if you use bash edit .bash_profile, or if you use either zsh, or oh my zsh edit .zshrc and add the following line to the end of the file:


You can read more about it here.

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