This mail archive entry describes how one can edit style.conf to change the color of headers in Zim Wiki.

  1. Enter the color you like:

    [Tag h1]
  2. Save the changes, close and reopen Zim Wiki, and you should be good.

However, nothing changes for me. I was wondering if this might be an issue with the Windows version? The mail archive entry mentions that on Ubuntu the file should be located at home/user/.config/zim/style.conf.

On Windows 10 with Zim Wiki 0.67, I have two such files, one in C:/Program Files (x86)/Zim Desktop Wiki/share/zim/style.conf and another in C:/Program Files (x86)/Zim Desktop Wiki/data/style.conf. Changes to these files do not show up after reopening Zim.

Edit: Indeed, the manual says to "copy /usr/share/zim/style.conf to ~/.config/zim/". However I am not sure what this means for Windows.

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As Raphaël Doré kindly pointed out on github, style.conf should be placed in C:\Users\usr\AppData\Roaming\zim\config\zim. Changes will apply after closing and reopening zim.

Note that this worked for me, while for Raphaël the file had to be placed at C:\Users\usr\AppData\Roaming\zim\config\zim\profiles\Notes

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