I have different cells with different background colors. Depending on a Conditional Formatting I'd like to add borders around some of these cells.

Applying the borders works but the cells' backgrounds are set to No Fill (as it is defined in the Style that's defined in the Conditional Format). I'd like to avoid this, such applying Conditional Formats additive instead of alternative.


Create the style again from scratch. The following steps worked for me:

  1. Go to an unused, unformatted cell. Press Ctrl+1 and set borders.
  2. In the Styles and Formatting sidebar, click New Style from Selection. Name it "Borders".
  3. Enter 1 in cell A1 and then fill down to A4.
  4. Select A1 through A4 and highlight yellow by pressing the Background Color toolbar button.
  5. Format -> Conditional Formatting -> Manage. Press Add. "Cell value is," "greater than," 2. Apply style "Borders". Press OK.

The result:

border on A3 and A4


I tried different things after Jim K's answer and found out that the key point seems to be that you never touch formats in the Style used in a Conditional Format if you don't want these formats to override your direct formattings.

Regarding background colors apparently there's a "null" color after creating the Style newly that cannot be set again once you selected No fill or a background color once.

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