Windows batch,
How to rename a directory to date and time with seconds

Current drive and directory is S:\1 = a backup.

via batch, How to automate, How to rename a directory, not a file?
something like -- Rename S:\1 S:\20171022_131459

2017 year
10 October
22 day
13 hours
14 minutes
59 seconds

Below was does at the command line with one %
on a file named hope.txt, not a directory

ren hope.txt 20171022.txt


for /f "tokens=1-4 delims=- " %d in ("%date%") do rename "hope.txt" %d%e%f.txt

and in part 2 (time)
Seconds are missing in name and
it is not a directory, but, it does a file
named hope.txt with hours and minutes.

rename "hope.txt" 1314.txt 


for /f "tokens=1-2 delims=: " %G in ("%time%") do rename "hope.txt" %G%H.txt


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    Depending on your Windows version, you may not be able to rename a directory with ren: you may need to use move instead.
    – AFH
    Oct 22, 2017 at 23:18

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I think this does what you are looking for:

for /f "tokens=2-7 delims=/:. " %a in ("%date% %time%") do ren dir1 %c%ab%b_%d%e%f

The output looks like this:

ren dir1 201710b22_201108

In a batch file you need extra % so this line becomes:

for /f "tokens=2-7 delims=/:. " %%a in ("%date% %time%") do ren dir1 %%c%%ab%%b_%%d%%e%%f

Below is one answer to renaming a directory
From C:\99
To _ C:\YearMMDD_hhMMssFF
(Year Month Day _ hours Minutes seconds Fraction of 1 second)

C:\99 might be the name of a file
C:\99 might be the name of a directory

On Windows XP 32 bit, ren works.
(ren = rename Directory or File)

On this one computer we have 3 delimiters of - : .

Date time format of:
Date ______ time
2017-10-23 19:28:13.01
a___ b__c__d__e__f__g

Answer, cmd line:

for /f "tokens=1-7 delims=-:. " %a in ("%date% %time%") do ren c:\99 %a%b%c_%d%e%f%g  

Directory C:\99
Directory C:\20171023_19473074


Answer, batch file with double %%:

for /f "tokens=1-7 delims=-:. " %%a in ("%date% %time%") do ren c:\99 %%a%%b%%c_%%d%%e%%f%%g  

Directory C:\99
Directory C:\20171023_19480420


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