For privacy, especially while travelling, I maintain my photo library in this arrangement:

  • Lightroom catalogue file inside a Veracrypt volume on an external SSD
  • Original photos inside a Veracrypt volume on a separate, larger, external HDD
  • Both Veracrypt volumes are formatted Mac OS Extended and mounted exclusively on macOS

This was working fine (speed-wise as well), until I updated from Lightroom CC to the new Lightroom Classic CC.

There's no problem opening the catalogue file, but when I attempt to import new photos from the other Veracrypt volume, the list of sources in Lightroom Classic CC's 'Import' window now shows OSXFUSE Volume 1 (Veracrypt) and OSXFUSE Volume 2 (Veracrypt), which appear empty; whereas Lightroom CC showed their proper names and was able to navigate the folders inside.

Both macOS and FUSE are up to date.

How can I fix this? Alternatively, I'm open to other arrangements for keeping my Lightroom catalogue and photos local and encrypted.

  • After waiting a while, I cross-posted this question to the Adobe forum, where it has received a reply but remains unresolved. Commented Oct 28, 2017 at 2:14
  • For anyone else with this issue: the best alternative seems to be to use OSX's native encryption, by formatting a drive/partition as "Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted)". This doesn't offer two factor authentication using a keyfile(s), as Veracrypt does. Commented Oct 28, 2017 at 2:37


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