I would like to get the version of VirtualBox guest additions that are actually used on a Windows Server 2016 machine.

I tried this command

c:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox Guest Additions>VBoxControl.exe --version

but the problem is that I updated the guest additions several times and there are other folders containing different version of VirtualBox and thus of the VBoxControl.exe too, e.g.

c:\virtual_box_guest_additions>VBoxControl.exe --version

The version actually in use is shown in the tray icon. How can I get this version using a batch script?


To get path to currently running VBoxService:

sc qc VBoxService | FIND /I "BINARY_PATH_NAME"

Then use this command to get version:

<path from above command\VBoxService.exe> --version

In my case: "C:\Windows\System32\VBoxService.exe --version"

Outputs: 5.1.28r117968


The round about way is to visit task manager when VirtualBox Manager is running. Right-Click on VirtualBox Manager > Left-Click on open file location. In the File Explorer navigated to Left-Click doc > Left-Click UserManual.pdf and if you can open it in Adobe Reader should have the VirtualBox version listed on the title page.

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