I have a device that is ready to install a Windows 10 Feature Update (1607 from 1511). The update was downloaded via Windows Update and is currently sitting resident in the system somewhere, waiting for the user to explicitly send it the command "Update and restart" via this menu:

Windows 10: Update and restart option

Notice that this is not a typical Windows 10 power menu; the options for "Restart" and "Shut Down" appear alongside the options for "Update and restart" and "Update and shut down". Normally (for quality updates) the "Restart" option is turned into the "Update and restart" option.

My specific scenario regards mass automation for use with an RMM tool. I need a way to push through a script via the command-line – language not strictly important – in such a way that the reboot requires no user interaction.

I need to force a reboot command to the device via the command-line that explicitly forces the system to enter "Update and restart" mode and not just "Restart" mode. I know of a tool called ShutdownWithUpdates but it does not work for this (I tried); there is no functionality within the baked-in "Shutdown" tool either. Get-WUInstall does not appear to offer this functionality; certainly, it doesn't work when the update is already resident and downloaded on the system, which is the use case I am working towards.

Screen macros are not an option.

  • Why can’t you just click on “update and restart”? Isn’t that the “super admin” modified start menu click anyways? Which means the standard update and “shutdown”/“restart” should be present in the standard start menu. – Ramhound Oct 25 '17 at 23:07
  • That's just the normal start menu when there are updates queued and ready to go. – music2myear Oct 25 '17 at 23:27
  • 1
    What do you mean when you say "macros are not an option"? Do you mean you need a CLI one-liner? Macros are code used inside an application, usually MS Office. It's not common to refer to BATCH or PowerShell or VBScript as macros. – music2myear Oct 25 '17 at 23:33
  • 1
    @music2myear – Normal command-line restart does NOT kick off an upgrade for a Feature Upgrade, only a Quality Update. The device will not install 1607 on a normal reboot, hence the two options in the menu. This is not typical behaviour, it is only for upgrades. 2) By "Macros are not an option" I mean screen macros that move the mouse and click on specific objects. Batch, PS, VBScript is fine, or a small command-line binary that does the same thing. This is how it will need to be done. – seagull Oct 26 '17 at 12:01
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    @seagull - You have provided tons of information in your comments. You should make sure that information is contained in the question body so the comments can be removed. Your question does not mention automation, you having to perform something over a command prompt doesn't imply automation. – Ramhound Oct 26 '17 at 17:25

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