Im trying to use Ghostscript to create a PDF with multiple identical pages. I will later use this together with another multipaged PDF to stamp on unique information onto every page.

Is it possible to use Ghostscript to create such a PDF and keep the size of the final file down? Maby there is a flag that i have not noticed that can do this in a better way than the script below?

I have tried to use a regular merge command like the one below but the size of the resulting PDF grows alot and the original file size of 2,061kb merged to a 100page pdf results in a final size of 46,117kb.

"C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.20\bin\gswin64.exe"^
 "inputpdf.pdf"(and so on 100 times)

Try to add -dPDFFitPage to your command.

This is from documentation:

Rather than selecting a PageSize given by the PDF MediaBox, BleedBox (see -dUseBleedBox), TrimBox (see -dUseTrimBox), ArtBox (see -dUseArtBox), or CropBox (see -dUseCropBox), the PDF file will be scaled to fit the current device page size (usually the default page size)

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