I've searched online, and found freely available additional templates for LibreOffice Impress at https://dohliam.github.io/libreoffice-impress-templates/, but superuser.se has nothing matching a search for "import libreoffice impress templates", and I haven't found the right button, apparently, in the LibreOffice GUI.

Given that I have a zipfile of additional templates, how can/should I import them to Impress?


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While in LibreOffice Impress do the following

  1. Go to File > Templates > Manage Templates (or Ctrl + Shift + N
  2. In the new window that opens up, click on Import in the bottom right corner

choose templates window

  1. Choose a category in the Select from Existing Category window or create a new category below that

choose template category 4. Navigate to where you have your templates stored and choose one of the .otp template files
5. Click Open and you're done

Edit: this was done on LibreOffice version on openSUSE Leap 42.3.


I was preparing this answer when n8te's answer appeared: it is entirely correct and I up-voted it.

However, my answer was based on Ubuntu and the dialogues are slightly different: so I am submitting my answer for the benefit of users who experience different dialogues.

First, extract the files from the zip file, then start Impress.

Then from the File menu select Manage, or type Ctrl+Shift+N.

enter image description here

In the Template Manager dialogue box, select the Presentations tab, then click on the Import button and navigate to the diectory where you extracted the .otp files. You can several or all the template files and they will be imported together.

enter image description here

(I did not get the Select Category dialogue, but this may be because I haven't created any specific categories.)

You will now see all the imported templated if you click on My Templates. For some reason, My Templates was not in the drop-down folder list in the new presentation wizard, and I had to select all the templates and move them to one of the presentation folders, although oddly I could move them back and now My Templates appeared in the list. This may be a minor bug in my version on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS.


With regards to the specific Github repository mentioned in your post, you need to download not the repo's source files (in XML format), but instead the pre-packaged and ready-to-use .otp files mentioned in AFH's answer.

Thus, .otp files need to downloaded from the Releases page of the Github repo.

On a lot of operating systems, OTP files can then be opened by simply double-clicking them.

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