I have a HP Envy 15" noteook, 2014 series, that cannot start. The screen is completely black, and the caps lock led blinks twice. I try to find some info about this blink error code and seems realted to BIOS.

This is what I tried without success:

  • Remove all removable devices (wifi, hdd) and power on
  • PowerOn with battery only and power supply only
  • Remove one of two RAM modules and switch them
  • Power ON with WIN+B or WIN+V with a flash drive with recovery BIOS files as suggested here: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c02693833
  • Remove and replace and also change the CMOS battery

What can I do to revive this notebook?


I had to try this procedure many times: remove battery for a few seconds, insert battery and power on. At the end Windows could boot up and I update the BIOS using HP installer. Now it is working again.


In my experience you should pay more attention to the RAM.

Try new RAM, may be the two RAMs are faulty, it happens sometimes.

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