I’ve got a small problem with trash code that seems to be stuck in my PC after switching system language. Mainly on command prompt, but also as I can see on codes, I’ve shared from another PC. However, this is only on display, but after I will write in my language it just works normally. śćźżóąęń works.

  • My system language is Polish.
  • System was switched to Japanese language for a short period of time.

I have uninstalled keyboard and system lang, before I upgraded system to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1.

heres the example

  • Your command prompt code page is most likely set to 932. You can check this in your command prompt with chcp. And you can change it back to whatever you want with ie chcp 65001. Close and reopen your CMD window after it – nixda Oct 30 '17 at 13:22

You need to change the system locale for non-Unicode programs.

  1. Go to Control Panel (click on the Start button or press the Win Key on your keyboard, then type "Control Panel" without the quotes).
    Control Panel

  2. Click on Clock, Language and Region.
    Clock, Language and Region

  3. Click on Region.

  4. Click on the Administrative tab.
    Administrative Tab

  5. Click on the Change system locale button (mine says "Hebrew (Israel)" in the current language for non-Unicode programs, but yours should show "Japanese (Japan)").
    Change System Locale Button

  6. Change the set value to the language of your choice - I'm assuming it's "Polish (Poland)".
    Polish (Poland) Language

  7. Click the OK button. You will be prompted to restart your system; the changes will take place when you do (you don't have to do so right away though).

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