When i focus on navigation bar using "CTR + L" to search(i use duckduckgo as default on firefox) always the result has "canonical&ia=web" at the end of www direction: What does it mean?

Thank you.


What does it mean?

t=canonical is a partner tag that allows Ubuntu to generate revenue from searches on DuckDuckGo that use Ubuntu (anonymously)

Source DuckDuckGo on Twitter


Through partnerships with developers and companies, DuckDuckGo has been integrated into many applications. In these partnerships, a portion of DuckDuckGo's advertising revenue is sometimes shared back. To assign advertising revenue and collect anonymous aggregate usage information, developers add a unique "&t=" parameter to searches made through their applications.

Source &t=

&ia=web - the ia is short for "instant access" but I can't find a good web reference that describes this parameter.

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  • Thank you David. It's means they know what i'm searching? – Haroldo Payares Salgado Oct 31 '17 at 19:58
  • @HaroldoPayaresSalgado Yes, but it's anonymous data. – DavidPostill Oct 31 '17 at 20:18
  • @HaroldoPayaresSalgado Technically ANY search engine "knows" what request it received, it wouldn't work either way. However Google uses this information in any possible way, whereas DDG is supposed to only use this info to return the corresponding results, without profiling the user. – chefarov Apr 16 at 16:14

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