I am using Fish shell [1] and Direnv [2], and are having issues with variable scope when using Git aliases.

For example in my config.fish [3] I have a global environment variable e.g. $GIT_MY_EMAIL:

set -xg GIT_MY_EMAIL ola@example.com

and a function that uses this git-claim.fish [4]:

function git-claim
   git config user.email $GIT_MY_EMAIL

I have a git alias in .gitconfig[5] to call this:

  claim = "!fish -c git-claim"

In a sub folder I have an .envrc that overrides the global variable:

export GIT_MY_EMAIL=work-ola@example.org

Inside this sub folder whenever I call this git command it does not use the Direnv environment variable.

git claim; and git config user.email

The output is:


However calling the git-claim fish function directly works fine:

git-claim; and git config user.email 

Then the output is:


I presume the Git alias is not dynamically using my local scope?

  • I realise the root cause is that git config does not support environment variable expansions[1], and that I fork another fish session to overcome this. But I hoped there might be a way round to pass on the local fish variable scope into the alias. * [1] (stackoverflow.com/questions/11262010/…) – flurdy Nov 1 '17 at 14:45

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