The command ALT+ESC switches to the next window in windows-10. I have the mouse set to center on the newly focused window (I followed this tutorial to achieve the mouse centering behavior). However if I am moving the mouse and I hit ALT+ESC it will change focus, but not move the mouse to that window. Is there anyway to circumvent or fix this bug?

I am also using the following AutoHotkey to set Capslock to ALT+ESC:


My use case is playing two action games at once. (Why? Because why not?) One on each monitor. When switching between them I use 'ALT'+'ESC'. The problem is if I am moving the mouse when I do this it wont switch, and inevitably this is a problem.


The following AutoHotkey script has solved my problem:

WinGetActiveStats, Title, Width, Height, X, Y
MouseMove, Width / 2, Height / 2, 0

In addition to the command, we are also setting the position of the mouse. This does not fix the issue. Rather, this is a work around.

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