Why can't I remove a group from a file if it is being denied read permission even though I have read permission from my account, am part of the Administrators group, and I'm running icacls from an elevated command prompt?

This will remove the "Users" group just fine:

copy a b
icacls b /inheritance:d
icacls b /remove:g "Users"

Result: The file no longer has the "Users" group.

But if I remove read access then the group cannot be removed by icacls:

copy a b
icacls b /inheritance:d
icacls b /deny "Users":r
icacls b /remove:g "Users"

Result: The file still has the "Users" group.

To work around this I have to grant a group "full" permission first and then use /remove to guarantee that the group will be removed. But this feels like a vulnerability as a particular group will, briefly, have full access.

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You're using the wrong switch. You need to use /remove:d:

icacls b /remove:d "Users"

When a group has been denied permissions, there are no rights for the /remove:g switch to remove.

Alternately, to remove any permissions assigned to the group, whether they are grant or deny, use:

icacls b /remove "Users"


  • /remove:g removes rights that are (G)ranted
  • /remove:d removes rights that are (D)enied
  • /remove removes all rights

More information about Icacls switches can be found on TechNet.

  • I had to use /remove BUILTIN\Users on my server. Don't know why `BUILTIN` was required on a remove, works just fine on grants. Aug 2, 2018 at 7:21

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