I have several SSH configurations in the file ~/.ssh/config on my local Linux machine.

Is it possible to assign a new flag to an existing binary like /usr/bin/ssh such that I can execute ssh -l to get a list of available connections (for example)?

I know that I can cat ~/.ssh/config (or similar), but I'm wondering specifically whether it's possible to add or alias a flag on a system binary.


Not intrinsically, no – there are, however some workarounds, including –

  1. Get the source code, modify it, recompile, and use your own version of the software.

  2. Create a wrapper (which could be a script or a shell function) that looks what it gets on the command line and passes options through and/or handles additional functionality.

These typically involve renaming the program, or ensuring that your version occurs earlier in your search path than the original.

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