I have challenges copying data from external HDD to storage server using rsync.

Here's my setup:

  1. Using Linux Mint as my OS
  2. I attach an external HDD (USB).
  3. I mount (webdav) to a storage server located outside my network
  4. Using rsync, I copy data from the external HDD to the storage server.
  5. rsync finish "copying" very quickly.
  6. ...and then my desktop starts hanging.

I assume this is because rsync copies data to cache/memory, and it's then actually flushed to the storage box in the background.

I would like to avoid this flush. How do I know if the copying of data did actually finish? When rsync finish, I would like he copying to have been done...

I'm running rsync as follows:

rsync -c -t -r -v /media/abc/ExternalHDD/somePath/ /media/backup-server/ExternalHDD/somePath/

I guess there's a simple solution, but after googling I didn't come any nearer (trying: nocache rsync ... didn't help).

Thanks :-)


In this situation the userspace davfs mount helper does the caching, not rsync. Feel free to try with simple cp command and you'll see the same effect.

The solution can be to set up rsync server on storage, and uses this to bypass the caching mount.davfs.

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