The Excel property Precedents.Count is returning a different value within a cell formula than the value shown when calling the same function within the immediate window.

See below for the function and testing code.

Function CountPrecedents()
  CountPrecedents = Range("A1").Precedents.Count
End Function

Sub TestCountPrecedents()
  Range("A1").Formula = "=B1+B2"
  Range("C1").Formula = "=CountPrecedents()"
  Debug.Print "The cell value is " & Range("C1").Value
  Debug.Print "The true function value is " & CountPrecedents()
End Sub

Running TestCountPrecedents in the Immediate window results in the following output:

The cell value is 1
The true function value is 2

Why would the cell function have a different value than the immediate window? I cannot replicate this behavior with other Range properties.


This is a limitation of using this Property in a cell-based UDF().

The same UDF will function correctly if called from within a sub:

Sub MAIN()
    MsgBox CountPrecedents()
End Sub

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