When I'm in a multi-pane tmux window, on the leftmost pane, pressing my shortcut to move to the pane to the left will cyclically move the focus to the rightmost pane. I would prefer this shortcut to take no action in this case, i.e., to stay in the already selected leftmost pane.

I read the man page. There is also a chapter about pane traversal in the The Tao of Tmux book, but this is not mentioned.

The select-pane command in tmux has a lot of switches, but they are not documented:

$ tmux select-pane --help
usage: select-pane [-DdegLlMmRU] [-P style] [-T title] [-t target-pane]

In case it's relevant, my shortcuts to select the panes are as follows:

bind -n C-M-h select-pane -L
bind -n C-M-j select-pane -D
bind -n C-M-k select-pane -U
bind -n C-M-l select-pane -R

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It's quite easy with pane_at_left, pane_at_right, pane_at_top and pane_at_bottom formats.

bind -n C-M-h if-shell -bF '#{pane_at_left}'   '' 'select-pane -L'
bind -n C-M-j if-shell -bF '#{pane_at_bottom}' '' 'select-pane -D'
bind -n C-M-k if-shell -bF '#{pane_at_top}'    '' 'select-pane -U'
bind -n C-M-l if-shell -bF '#{pane_at_right}'  '' 'select-pane -R'

These formats were introduced in tmux 2.6. In prior versions you can still get the same effect by running scripts (run-shell) that retrieve window_width, window_height, pane_left, pane_right, pane_top and pane_bottom from tmux (tmux display -p …), perform calculations and comparison, and decide to cast tmux select-pane … or not.

Compare this answer of mine. The script there could use the new formats in few places. I needed the other values anyway, so I decided to keep the script compatible with older tmux.

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