In Vlookup function, if col_Index_no are more than 100 is their any formula or function to take it automatically one after the another? I have to go in each cell cell edit the formula by pressing F2 and put next column no to get the value.

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    "if col_Index_no are more than 100" ... what does this mean? If the parameter for the function is >100? If there are more than 100 cells with this formula? Nov 8 '17 at 3:35

Have a cell with the value needed and refer to that cell from the vlookup then just drag it...

So, =VLOOKUP(index-val,array,A1,0)) and as you drag A1 will become B1 or A2 if you are working vertically.. etc


You could use something similar to the below


The columns part, will increment up by one each time you drag it accross,


Or if working vertically you can use


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