I have a question about the Fish (Friendly Interactive SHell), so I hope somebody can help me out.

Basically I'd like to customize the fish_greeting message. I can easily get it to say anything I'd like, but I'm having problems setting colors for different lines. Please note that I found some instructions from other sites which said to put this inside of config.fish, rather than in /functions/fish_greeting. I couldn't tell you why, but I followed those instructions nevertheless.

This copy of the command I've been working on should make what I just said more clear:

### Set Fish_Greeting to... ###
set fish_greeting '
    (set_color green) "              Hi Ev!          "
    (set_color blue) "      Welcome to the Terminal! "

I'm obviously doing it wrong because when I type fish to test it out, I'm met with:  


(set_color green) "              Hi Ev!          "
(set_color blue) "      Welcome to the Terminal! "

I know that looks like I've formatted something wrong here, but I assure you, those extra empty lines are shown on the terminal.

Does anybody know of a way I could do this easily? Is this something that's much too complicated for what its worth?

Thanks a lot!


I would make the fish greeing into a function, not a variable

function fish_greeting
    set_color green; echo "              Hi Ev!           "
    set_color blue;  echo "      Welcome to the Terminal! "
    set_color normal
funcsave fish_greeting

Your attempt is not working due to the single quotes: you don't get command substitution inside single quotes.

And if it's a function, then ~/.config/fish/functions/fish_greeting is the appropriate place to store it.

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