I used slack on my laptop on my second screen. When I boot up my pc from Hibernation mode. It won't show the app Slack it tries to load it on my second screen. I have already tried this:

  • Win + or Win +
  • resize my screen to an other resolution
  • Alt + space and then move. I can't move it because it's no where on my screen

Does anyone have a suggestion instead of restarting my pc?


After pressing ALT + SPACE or ALT + SPACE + M I got this menu.

enter image description here

Let my translate the options:

  1. Move
  2. Change format
  3. Minimize
  4. Maximize
  5. Close

So what do I need to choose? If press move I get the move icon cursor.


Just had this issue... here is how I solved it...

Click on the taskbar icon for the problem window.... to make it active.

Use ALT+Space or ALT+SHIFT+Space (depends). This should open the Move, Maximise etc. options.

Click the Maximise. You should now see the window.

Now drag it so its definitely on your current screen.... all fixed.

Good Luck

  • The maximise fixed me on WIN10. However I did it a slightly different way by floating over the app in the taskbar wait for the small image of the running instance to appear above it. Then right-click on that. Then Select Maximise. – andrew pate Apr 25 at 15:53

All of they above 'solutions' don't work for me on Windows 10.

I tried pressing repeatly WIN + D + <- that worked for me.

  • 1
    This worked for me – Pomster Aug 5 at 15:41

You could try turning off the second monitor by pressing Win + P multiple times until 'Disconnect Projector' (or whatever it is called in Win 10) before hibernating.

You could also ALT + TAB to the Slack application while it is off screen, and press ALT + SPACE, m, then press one of the cursor keys. This will lock the application to the cursor and you should be able to use the mouse (without having to press any button) to bring it back into view.

  • See edit because It doesn't work. Win + P multiple times I can't do that because I don't have my second monitor now – Steven Nov 10 '17 at 7:52
  • Alt + space and then move. I can't move it because it's no where on my screen

I had this issue. In my case, after selecting Move, I could not drag the window back to the screen because no part of the window was on the screen. Clicking down to drag resulted in the window being deselected before the drag began.

However, Alt + space, selecting Move, and holding down an arrow key worked.

To find out where the window was, I repeatedly minimized and restored it by double-clicking its icon in the taskbar. Windows provided an animation that suggested it was on the far right, so holding down the left arrow key after activating Move brought it back in view.

  • Another win for keyboard accessibility! – Illya Moskvin Sep 30 '18 at 4:24

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