I'm reinstalling windows 10 on my laptop. I never get past choosing where to install it because it always says that I can't install it because it's only 0 MB. While trying out a possible solution that I found, i encountered a problem. It said "Diskpart has encounteres an error: Incorrect function. See the System Event Log for more information."

How can I fix this?

  • If you can boot up a Linux LiveCD, take a look at that drive. You may need to initialize it so Windows thinks it is starting from a clean factory-fresh disk. Also, the disk might have failed. Can you provide some context here? Why are you reinstalling Win10?
    – SDsolar
    Nov 10, 2017 at 17:36

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Assuming the disk is functioning correctly, you need to "clean" it to remove any improper formatting information.

  1. Boot from your Windows installation media
  2. Choose Repair your computer
  3. Choose Troubleshoot
  4. Choose Command Prompt
  5. Run diskpart
  6. Type list disk and identify the disk number of your fixed disk
  7. Type select disk X where X is the disk number from step 6
  8. Type clean. Warning: This will erase the selected disk!
  9. Type exit and then restart your computer and try installing Windows

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