I have used a word resume template that has multiple columns, and it turned out well.

I would like to add some additional pages to the document (certificates, letters of reference, etc) but in single column format. However, when I do a page break and go to single column, the formatting of the resume template changes, breaking up the first page template formatting.

This previous post; Document format: Two columns first page, one column second described a similar problem and they suggested using tables instead of columns on the first page, but I have no idea how to convert a word resume template into tables.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A table is rarely if ever necessary for layout purposes in Word. Just insert a Next Page section break, instead of a page break, where you want the new page to start; then format the new page (that is, the new section) so that it has just 1 column. Different sections can have a different number of columns, different page orientations, and different page sizes, etc.

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