I am at my wits’ end with Windows 10 on my PC.

For the last couple of weeks after startup the PC runs extremely slowly. For example, it will take minutes to perform a button click event.

Now, I have tried the following:

  1. Started in Safe Mode to check for errors – this is running fine
  2. Made sure there is plenty of space
  3. Turned off any unnecessary programs from start up and services
  4. Changed Performance settings virtual memory and animation
  5. Windows didn't give me the option to remove Creator Update from Recovery – I don’t know if this is anything to do with this version being an upgrade to Windows 10 from 8

None of these seem to work. I am reluctant to do a reinstall because I don't think I will have the opportunity to do a backup.

Does anyone have any idea of what I can do?

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    You only have 15 days to revert a feature update starting with 1703. It has nothing to do with you upgrading from Windows 8. Your installation is identical to a clean installation minus the fact you kept your user profile and installed programs – Ramhound Nov 11 '17 at 15:43
  • So do you have any idea why I am getting this problem then – Andy5 Nov 11 '17 at 15:49
  • Could you provide (Pastebin link will do) a list of drivers installed on your computer? nirsoft.net/utils/installed_drivers_list.html might present it well. – HelpingHand Nov 11 '17 at 16:10
  • try the steps from here: tenforums.com/performance-maintenance/… – magicandre1981 Nov 11 '17 at 16:11
  • Made no difference. This was working before Creators went on. I have tried removing software, it can't do it, I can't do back ups. It will load fine and then grinds to halt – Andy5 Nov 11 '17 at 17:32

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