This is in my .md document:

![Step 1](Slide1.png){ width=100px }  
![Step 2](Slide2.png){ width=100px }  
![Step 3](Slide3.png){ width=100px }  
![Step 4](Slide4.png){ width=100px }  
![Step 5](Slide5.png){ width=100px }  
![Step 6](Slide6.png){ width=100px }  
![Step 7](Slide7.png){ width=100px }  
![Step 8](Slide8.png){ width=100px }  

This is how I use Pandoc:

pandoc foo.md -f markdown+link_attributes -s -o foo.pdf

The link_attributes are completely ignored, and { width=100px } appears as plaintext after every image.

What is the correct way of setting image size in Pandoc markdown?


As far as I can see, you are using the width parameter correctly. An alternative way supported by Pandoc is to use percent ('%') instead of pixels ('px'):

![Step 1](Slide1.png){ width=13% }  

Which Pandoc version are you using? Now, 2 years after your OP, the current Pandoc is v2.5. And it produces the correct result:

cat foo.md

  ![Step 1](Slide1.png){ width=100px }  
  ![Step 2](Slide1.png){ width=600px }  
  ![Step 3](Slide1.png){ width=66% }  

No need even to specify -f markdown+link_attributes -s:

pandoc         \
    -o foo.pdf \

This is a screenshot from the result:

enter image description here

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