For me as hobby server admin it was always pretty clear. Use the built it gpg for all the hybrid encryption needs. But yesterday I had a problem with gpg (so the package called gnupg) in finding a key on a keyserver. I tried, but I did not manage to do it.

Then I came across someone that said there is something like "gpg2" and that you have to use that for it. I did not know there is something like gpg2 (so the package gnupg2) and I installed it.

Now I am really confused. Why there are different versions? Using gpg2 worked, but I could not create any ECC keys. It is clear that I don't want to use 2 separate programs and import all keys in the 2 just to have a marginal change of features.

Which one should I use moving forward (will be updated in the future and I am more likely to receive new features)?

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