I am trying to write Regex to lookahead User name: and match the word behind until the end of line:

The regex is:

^(?=User name:)\s*\[A-Za-z]+

and the text is:

Action:         NEW

User name:      Matthew Thomas
Job title:      Dealer Account Manager
Direct report:      Craig Carlson
Department:         Dealer Account Management
Location:       Milton, QLD
Employment type:    Permanent Full Time
Start date:         15/07/2013
Finish date:

Decision Point 3
Read Only

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^(?=User name:)\s*\[A-Za-z]+

  • (?=User name:) what you need is lookbehind, not lookahead:
    (?<=User name:)
  • ^(?=User name:) - lookbehind will search at the beginning, regardless where you place it in your expression, so it's looking for "User name:" followed by beginning of line and some spaces. Include beginning of line too:
    (?<=^User name:)
  • put your name in brackets, so it'll be easier it capture it:
  • [A-Za-z] there can be also spaces in your name, or even some letters with accent, I would modify it like this:
    (a none space character (following white spaces) followed by everything until end of line)

The whole expression is: (?<=^User name:)\s*(\S.+)$

You can test is here.


It's not really clear what you want.

I put your sample text into text.txt file.

If you simply want to grep the line, there is the solution:

grep -E "^User name:\s*[A-Za-z ]+$" text.txt
User name:      Matthew Thomas

If you want only the name, we can enhance the command with sed:

grep -E "^User name:\s*[A-Za-z ]+$" text.txt | sed -e '1,$s/^User name:\s*\([A-Za-z ]*\)$/\1/'

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