[Context] I have a large collection of movies that have been grouped by their Genre. But now, I have all the files from all years of release in the same folder (I don't want to sub-divide by folders now, or prefix movie name with year, as I would want to sort by Movie name also).

[Requirement] I would like to be able to sort (and search) these files by "Year" property in the Windows explorer.

[Attempted solutions] I have bulk extracted their metadata from their respective .nfo files. Now I would like to batch edit the file properties. I have made several attemtps at (batch) editing metadata in Windows. Could not find a generic solution (esp. for .mkv files). The Bulk Rename Utility from this post does not work.

I came across Atomicparsley (for Windows). This does suit my use case, but for .mp4 files only. The below statement adds "Year" and "Genre" properties to files from "cmd".

C:\path\to\AtomicParsley.exe "D:\path\to\myMovie).mp4" --overWrite --year 2016 --genre "Thriller, Science Fiction, Drama"

I was able to bulk create these and batch edit all my mp4 files using the extracted metadata I already had.

However, Atomicparsley seems to incapable of editing the properties of .mkv or .avi files. I tried the following other methods also, to no success:

  • MKVToolNix. I could not add Genre or Year. But added properties like "Title", which did not get reflected in File Properties in the Windows explorer.
  • mkvpropedit in Mac OS (I made my NTFS hard drive writable in Mac using ntfs-3g). However, I could not find a way to add/edit genre or year property (I don't even know if it would get reflected back in the Windows OS).
  • I gave up on batch update and tried to manually update a .mkv file. The properties behave like an immutable set in the Windows File Details, and I could not add a Year or Genre, nor could I edit any existing fields.

[Question] Can someone suggest ways to achieve the following (in increasing order of preference):

  1. Add File properties (preferably, Genre & Year) to a .mkv file in Windows (via CLI or GUI) that are visible in the File Explorer (If these properties are not available to .mkv files, I just need any other properties which I can use to store these).
  2. Batch Add File properties (preferably, Genre & Year) to a .mkv file in Windows (via CLI or some tool like Bulk Rename Utility).
  3. Batch Add File properties to any file in Windows.
  • Try to rename .mkv to .mp4, Then apply that tool to change metadata. – Biswapriyo Nov 20 '17 at 15:50

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