I have been running Win and Ubuntu just fine, and then I have installed Kali and now I am facing the following issue. Just after installation of Kali I have rebooted and were able to access Kali boot loader, but then I have shut down the pc and used windows, and now when i try to access the kali boot loader it only offers me the Ubuntu while Kali is not listed, however when I enter the Ubuntu I can clearly see that Kali is still installed on its partition. It is just that I can't access it through the grub loader. I do not know what the issue could be. Help please?


I have installed Windows 8.1, Ubuntu 17.10, and Kali on my pc. Kali ran well after my first installation but I installed it again. Then I have faced a issue on grub rescue . Then I tried following commands on ubuntu and now it is working.

sudo update-grub

After this enter your password. Then try,

sudo grub-install /dev/sda

Now those three os are working correctly.

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