In an automated installation of MS-Office I try to make Outlook use an existing PST-file on its first start via MSP configuration but Outlook ignores the file and creates a new file with a counter "(2)". How can I tell Outlook to use an existing file in its first start?

what I've tried:

  1. Office 10 is installed but Outlook not yet started for the first time

  2. create an MSP-file (via setup /Admin) which configures an acccount in a profile "profilename" and has the name "username@domain.com"

  3. run msiexec /p myconfig.msp

  4. copy the file username@domain.com - profilename.pst to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook\username@domain.com - profilename.pst

  5. start Outlook

  6. Outlook creates a new file username@domain.com - profilename(2).pst and ignores my file username@domain.com - profilename.pst

If %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook is empty, i.e. the file doesn't exist, Outlook creates the file without counter: username@domain.com - profilename.pst. The configuration of the MSP-file ist working properly but Outlook ignores the existing file.


This problem occurs with IMAP-accounts. It seems that Outlook handles pst differently, depending whether they correspont to an POP or an IMAP account.

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You could open outlook first (with no PST), close it, then copy the old PST file on top of the newly created one.

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  • this way outlook creates a new pst as I've described. Did you test what you describe? Did it work for you? – wolfrevo Nov 20 '17 at 14:44

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