The monitor and everything else works perfectly, except for this problem. When the display is turned off automatically after 10 minutes, it will continuously wake up with no display signal and go back to sleep.

Video of problem: https://vid.me/24wVa

USB-C dock: Cable Matters USB-C to 4K 60Hz DisplayPort 2x USB, Ethernet, and Power Delivery

Monitor: AOC Q3277FQE 2560x1440 DP HDMI, via Displayport

Laptop: Dell 9560 with Intel 7700HQ, Intel HD 630, Nvidia 1050. Displayport comes from Intel chip due to optimus. Windows 10. Latest drivers, all system drivers installed. No other problems.

I have tried without avail:

  • Disabling Thunderbolt completely (USB3 and displayport still work)
  • Disabling all network devices
  • Disabling all usb ports
  • Using the dock without USB devices attached
  • Disabling Dell dock support in the BIOS
  • Disabling thunderbolt in the BIOS
  • Disabling the thunderbolt windows service
  • Leaving the laptop open

All these attempts result in a working monitor, but it does not sleep properly. The monitor does stay off when the computer itself is in sleep mode (S3)

The USB-C port is providing USB3 and native displayport. There is no problem when using HDMI. I don't have another monitor to test with but I doubt it's the monitor. I think either the dock or the laptop is sending a displayport wake signal when it shouldn't be.

I bought the dock because:

  • Future resale value due to macbook charging support
  • Mouse and keyboard don't take up the laptop's two USB3 ports
  • HDMI port is rather tight, USB-C is smooth
  • Faster to plug into one port vs three

Any suggestions are welcome. I would just buy a Dell dock but it's outrageously expensive.

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