I installed FF Quantum (58.0b4) and imported a previous backup created with Mozbackup. Bookmarks and history were imported correctly while passwords and saved logins were not. I copied key3.db and logins.json containing passwords from my laptop and pasted them in my PC with the new FF Quantum, but this didn't solved.

How can I import saved passwords?


  • From the release notes I understand that there are changes to the profile which aren't compatible with the old version. I have got the same problem but haven't found a way to restore my logins. – Jérémie Bertrand Nov 20 '17 at 19:22

Well, I forgot to write that I installed the developer version. As the classic Firefox seems to have the same functions the developer edition has, I uninstalled the dev edition and went back to classic. In this way I solved the problem.


Sync the passwords to a Firefox account using the old version. Then sync them into a new profile within the new version of Firefox Quantum. It worked for me using v53.0 b4 (regular) to v58.0 b4 (developer edition).

Firefox account / Sync can be found under "Menu/Tools > Options > etc..."


For those of us who cringe at the thought of syncing passwords online:

  • Update the source Firefox to the latest version
  • Install the target Firefox, enable password storage with same master password as the source Firefox then close Firefox
  • Copy and overwrite these files: cert8.db, cert9.db, key3.db, key4.db, secmod.db, handlers.json, logins.json
  • Start Firefox and check saved logins

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