I have a MS Word document shared between different projects. Some paragraphs only apply to some specific projects, so I'd like to hide them using custom fields.

I found this interesting page explaing how to insert conditional text. However, this makes it possible to hide a small piece of text, in my case, it's a whole paragraph I'd like to hide, including possible tables, pictures...

I found to way to transform

IF "<< Matter.CustomField.Pleading >>" = "guilty" "The defendant pleads "guilty"." "The defendant pleads "not guilty"."


IF "<< Matter.CustomField.Pleading >>" = "guilty" 
"The defendant pleads "guilty"."
including images, tables
"The defendant pleads "not guilty"."
including images, tables

is it doable (Note that I'd like to avoid using macros, if possible)

  • Would the info in this Super User question suit your needs?
    – cnread
    Nov 20, 2017 at 18:00
  • @cnread: It could. Solution A won't as I need to include tables and grpahs. However, Soluiont B could. I tested and I could create tow different "Quick Parts" and then add a control that lets me switch between them. However, I was unable to successfully create a macro that would select all controls and switch to a specific version...could you post a short example/tuto to your other post?
    – jpo38
    Nov 21, 2017 at 7:43

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It isn't obvious, but you're able to embed images and charts within the IF field in Word itself! For example:

IF "[Your Field]" = "guilty" "[text if guilty][image][chart][text]" "[text if not guilty][image][chart][text]"

That will evaluate [Your Field], and if it equals "guilty" it will display all the text, images, whatever is between the following quotes. If it doesn't equal guilty it'll show whatever text and images is between the final quotes.

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