How can I set an icon for a specific file type to be used for all of those files on macOS Sierra? (not High Sierra).
I have seen some tutorials, most of which do not help, including a very in-depth tutorial, that is unfortunately outdated (TextMate now uses standard XML but I don't really undertstand the language), and I cannot follow.
The files that I would like to change are .3dsx files, .cia files, and .3ds (second type) files. I know the trick where you select the item, press CMD + I and click on the icon and paste the icon, but that only changes the icon for that item, and I would like to change the icon for all files. I already have the icons ready, I have no problem with creating the files.
There's one problem, though. These three file types are not openable by any programs I have. macOS lists no programs to open them with, and I do not know of any programs that can open them, and this is why I cannot use any of the aforementioned tutorials. Thanks in advance.

  • The icon is dictated by whichever program opens the file right? Then couldn't you change the icon for the program of a given file type? – Eric F Nov 20 '17 at 19:06
  • Read above. "these three file types are not openable by any programs I have." – SirNapkin1334 Nov 23 '17 at 0:11

You can use the RCDefaultApp preference pane to associate any file type/extension with the application of your choosing. The file type/extension will then use the icons associated with the selected application.

While the RCDefaultApp is very old it still works well on macOS 10.12

The duti library can be used to set default applications on macOS as well.

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