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with uMatrix I can block domains for specific external content. But I would like to know if there is also a blocker for specific scripts on a domain. With uMatrix it is all or nothing for one source type (image, css, script, ...) for one domain, but I would like to allow some scripts and block other ones on a single domain.

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How can I block specific scripts in Firefox?

You can use the latest version of noscript which now supports Firefox 57:

Recent development history:

v 10.1.1rc99

  • First pure WebExtension release
  • CSP-based first-party script script blocking
  • Active content blocking with DEFAULT, TRUSTED, UNTRUSTED and CUSTOM (per site) presets
  • Extremely responsive XSS filter leveraging the asynchronous webRequest API
  • On-the-fly cross-site requests whitelisting

The complete list of feature is available here

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