On Linux with BASH or ZSH I can set an option for cdable_vars which allow me to define a shortcut for a folder.

For example:

export servo="/home/bleakcabal/Documents/servo/"

Lets me cd into this folder by doing:

cd servo

Is there something similar with Powershell? If so how do I do it?


Yes there is. Use the following code to create a system variable for the folder:


Where TEMP1 is the system variable name. C:\temp1 is the path name.

You call it in Powershell with the $env:<variable_name> variable

enter image description here


A normal variable will do the job in PowerShell just as well as an environment variable.

PS C:\> $temp1 = '/temp1'
PS C:\> cd $temp1
PS C:\temp1> _

If you do really want to do it without the $ prefix, checkout cd-extras.

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