I embedded a video in the following URL: https://www.speurtochten.nl/over-ons/ I made it with Premiere Pro CC, exported it as H.264.

The code I use in WordPress: [video src="https://speurtochten.nl/sbsfilm.mp4"][/video]

I tried uploading several dummy videos instead (http://www.sample-videos.com/video/mp4/720/big_buck_bunny_720p_1mb.mp4), and they worked perfectly fine on the desktop AND on a mobile phone.

On my iPhone, I get "Error loading this resource".


There are several potential fixes for this kind of issue. You do not mention the browser you are using, so please make sure you've tried on both Chrome and Safari.

  • iPhones have been squirrely about playing videos, make sure you've cleaned out your browsers. And restart your iPhone.

  • try a different iPhone. Yes, these sound obvious but as a longtime iPhone-r I always try these first.

If these first ones do not work then I suggest:

  • download the video to your iPhone, can you play it then?

  • make sure you have very good network connectivity

  • try an iPad or a PowerBook just to confirm it is not an Apple vs video issue. (Since this is an mp4 I doubt that, but it doesn't hurt to be sure.)

If you google "iphone won't play video" you'll see a large number of posts/articles about this odd iphone & video struggle. I doubt it is your video or your website, I'm betting on the phone first.

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