Got a new router so it was a good opportunity to do some fiddling to expand the addresses at my disposal.

Router = Mask =

FTP Server =

IP Camera = and FTP fails. The FTP server logs no attempts at connection at all. But if I change it to it works.

I've checked to make sure the masks are correct across the board, so I'm guessing I'm just not "getting it" when it comes to subnetting. I thought my available address pool in this configuration would be - and hosts in that range would be able to communicate.

It's odd, because I can access the IP camera's UI from a computer addressed as just fine.

Can anyone point out my error?


Your subnetting looks fine, if you really do use a mask, that's sufficient to talk to hosts on 172.16.3.X as well, without needing routing in between.

You say you have checked the subnetting masks across the board, but I think you must have missed something. Maybe on the router port your ftp server is connected to?

If you leave everything as-is when you have the problem, and you just replace the router with a layer 2 switch, does the problem persist?


Okay, weird. While trying to do something else on the FTP server, it told me that network discovery had been turned off. I turned it back on and, voila.

I know I didn't turn it off, but ever since Microsoft pushed the last update, little things have been "odd." I guess this was just one of them.

  • Glad to hear it got solved.
    – Christian
    Nov 30 '17 at 9:18

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