I'm in the UK using Public BT WiFi. I have many WiFi enabled devices which do not work with this WiFi because it uses a login page. My workaround is to connect my laptop to the BT WiFi, log in through the network page, and then create a Mobile Hotspot on my PC and connect everything through that. Therefore I can have my own private network where I use setup things like Chromecasts and Sonus Speakerd.

I would like to connect my various WiFi-enabled devices through a router instead of a Mobile Hotspot on my laptop. How must a router be configured to behave like my laptop's Hotspot? Are there any features or wireless standards that must be supported by the router to both connect to a wireless network and simultaneously accept wireless client connections?

One last and possibly really stupid question: Due to BT Wi-Fi giving similar speeds to each device it connects can I get a router to connect to BT Wi-Fi multiple times and then output that through one Wi-Fi connection for increased speeds? I sorry if that is a stupid question but I thought I would ask anyone because I would like to know?

  • The answer to your last question is "no". (I don't want to attempt to answer the rest because I am unsure how your cellphone is acting as both a hotspot and AP client at the same time - I wonder if its using the 2.4 gig band for the hotspot and the 5 gig band for the AP client or something like that. – davidgo Nov 29 '17 at 1:34
  • @davidgo: Either that, or it just performs both tasks on the same channel. There's no technical requirement for separate radios. – grawity Nov 29 '17 at 6:06

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