For our development team, we show graphs in Kibana, New Relic, CheckMK etc in browser tabs on a screen. We have 4 TVs for this, powered by 1 desktop (Win10, NVidia gfx card).

Currently, the first person at the workspace powers the TVs on and needs to open the correct windows and multiple tabs per window, and drag the windows to the right position on the screens + enable fullscreen. This is a tedious task I'd like to automate. After starting, we now use a tabrotate plugin to show each tab for a set amount of time.

So, in short, does anyone know of a solution to show multiple browser screens, each with multiple tabs at startup, preferably fullscreen (one window per monitor)? Any (modern) browser will suffice, there is hardly no interacting with it. We prefer to keep the OS as Windows 10 (since it's easy), but if any good Linux solutions are available, we might switch. Commercial solutions are welcome too, if a trial period is available to try.

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    What have you tried? How a program is launched when a user is first logged into their profile, is a well documented. What step of that procedure are you stuck on? – Ramhound Nov 29 '17 at 16:03
  • Two problems: The amount of windows is not a setting in any of the browsers I've tried, so 8 pages means 8 tabs in 1 window. The position of the windows isn't remembered: multiple windows will all fall back to the main display. – Daan Nov 30 '17 at 8:03

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