I have a very trick situation, which I'm trying to solve, most probably I'll be able to solve only with a special device.

Here it is...

I have a refrigerator which save some logs (temperature, outages, etc...) on a USB Flash drive. The standard way for retrieving the log is to remove the USB, load it on a computer and put it back on the refrigerator.

As I need to collect it at least once per day, I was wondering how I could connect it to a computer, or read it remotely.

My main problem it's because we are talking about a refrigerator, there is no operational system like Linux, Windows. Maybe a firmware which only write on the USB.

I was thinking:

  • Connect directly to a computer via USB, and have a SW on the computer to pretend it's a default USB flash. Then I could just copy the file, but I did not find such SW.

  • Connect a special device that could do both: USB drive + remotely receive wifi connections. I actually found something very close, but I think will not solve the problem, as it should only work connected on the USB, or via wifi. (https://www.sandisk.com/home/mobile-device-storage/connect-wireless-stick)

Any ideas? :)



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