I have installed Git 2.15.1 64 bit on windows. I then appended into 'PATH' system variable: ;C:\Program Files\Git\cmd;C:\Program Files\Git\mingw64\bin;C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin;

Then I try to add git configuration by firing following commands on command promt:

cd c:\users\xxx
git config --global user.name "xxx"
git config --global user.email "xxx@domain.com"
git config --global credential.<url>.username xxx

Its expected that a c:\users\xxx.gitconfig file will be generated. But no .gitconfig is generated, not even a hidden one.

I have observed that git config --list lists all the values that I just updated. But on searching on my pc, I could not find any file/hidden file named .gitconfig with this data. How may I overcome this.


Try with

git config --list --show-origin

to see where the global file it is. It is possible that your configuration (and HOME) is set in other places, e.g. for "roaming" or just for your local computer.

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  • Thanks @Giacomo - this helped me figure all paths were being routed to network mapped home drive and this was because the Path envt variable had syntactical problems. – hard_working_ant Dec 4 '17 at 4:45

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