I recently uninstalled Cygwin and switched to using MinGW as my toolchain. I installed the required packages; I triple checked to make sure that mingw32-make, mingw32-gcc and mingw32-gcc-g++ are all installed. This is what CLion says, however, when it tries to detect:

enter image description here

Whenever I try to make a new project, I get multiple CMake errors, like file STRINGS file "C:/Users/me/CLionProjects/project/cmake-build-debug/CMakeFiles/3.9.4/CompilerIdC/a.exe" cannot be read. I looked for the file, and it doesn't exist. What does this mean? What could be causing this?


I was also running into this issue today, seems to be a recent windows update. What worked for me was adding "cmake.exe" as a process exclusion in the Windows Defender Security Center.

  • Cmake.exe? Do you mean mingw32-make.exe? – Bluefire Dec 2 '17 at 16:42
  • Adding cmake.exe fixed the error in your question for me. I still get a threat detection warning from windows when trying to build the target though. Also my built exe's don't have an entry point but I am not on my normal dev machine right now, could be a configuration issue on my end. Turning off all real time protection didn't fix this for me either. – Maspe36 Dec 2 '17 at 16:56

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