I have installed the Creators Update for Windows 10 and enabled Developer mode.

I can create symlinks using cmd with the command mklink, but my main use of symlinks comes from softwares such as Composer, when I run composer install, it gives the error: Unable to create symlink due to error code 1314: 'A required privilege is not held by the client'. Do you have the required Administrator-rights?

I thought they made this options exactly for cases like this (They mentioned Git), what am I doing wrong?

  • Sorry, the symlink update is in the "Creators Update" – Oylex Dec 4 '17 at 19:49


How to use Symlinks

Symlinks are created either using the mklink command or the CreateSymbolicLink API


There is no change in how to call mklink. For users who have Developer Mode enabled, the mklink command will now successfully create a symlink if the user is not running as an administrator.


To enable the new behavior when using the CreateSymbolicLink API, there is an additional dwFlags option you will need to set SYMBOLIC_LINK_FLAG_ALLOW_UNPRIVILEGED_CREATE

Therefore, if the software you are using is using the CreateSymbolicLink API, then they will need to update their calls to specify the new flag.

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